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Devon is a Human Encyclopedia / Info Magnet. He absorbs information the same way most people breathe air. It doesn't matter if he is sitting back relaxing, watching TV, listening to the radio, socializing, surfing the Internet, or just lost inside his own head - any and all information Devon can get his hands on is fair game. He is especially driven to find anything that deals with “human potential” and “life itself” in all its countless forms.

What makes Devon truly gifted among others who also claim to seek knowledge in this fashion is that he can dissect that knowledge, work to find its common sources, and literally unravel the secrets of the universe from the threads that remain. For Devon it isn't the acquisition of knowledge itself that’s the key… it’s the unraveling of those secrets so that they may be shared with others that is Devon's driving force.

Devon doesn't hoard and hide the secrets he has uncovered as others do. He offers them readily to those who have shown a desire and commitment to improve and expand upon their own lives. For only when people are willing to do that can they truly begin to understand and appreciate the power that those secrets hold. Only then can people learn how to use those secrets to unlock the countless other amazing things that exist in the world around us.

He doesn't do all of this because he seeks power, prestige, and worship of others. He’s done it because he wants to help change the very face of our world. He wants to help see the world rid itself of anger, hostility, resentment, bitterness, and need for isolation. Something that can only happen when people are willing to rid themselves of the lies, fears, and insecurities that have worked to literally hide their life from themselves… even if they may not realize it has been hidden.

You may ask, “What makes Devon better suited to do this than others who have come before?” Aside from his other gifts, talents, and abilities Devon is also a certified Genius. What most fail to understand is that what ultimately separates a Genius from the rest of society boils down to one fundamental trait. That is the ability to make connections and see things others are unable to see. It is that ability to “see deeper” that truly allows Devon to go way beyond anything anyone else has done before.

This isn't to say that others are unwilling to delve deeper into the vast fields of knowledge and information that they work so hard to present. It all comes down to the fact that they simply are not able to do so. Sadly, this also explains why so many people continue to use the same tired old tools, knowledge, and information for far too many years. It is why they have to try and find new ways to re-hash the same things over and over again. In the end it is literally the best that they have to work with… it’s the limit of their knowledge!

However, as many people already know, we have now been thrust head first into a new era of human development and potential. An era that has changed the “rules” and is forcing people to re-evaluate many of the ideas, concepts, and perceptions that they took as being “self-evident”. Showing them that most of the things they worked so hard to hold on to are merely illusions… that they don’t actually exist. This is why our world seems to be falling apart at the seams… why people are so angry, scared, worried, and overloaded than ever before.

Yet, this doesn't have to be the way we choose to live our lives. We can break free of the misery, pain, and fear that has become “life” for far too many. It’s time we took control of our own lives and worked to plot our own destiny. This, like so many other things, has always been within your grasp. You truly have the power within you to determine your own place in this life. All that is needed is time, knowledge, understanding, and most importantly… support.

All the secrets that Devon has uncovered have worked to teach him a great many things about the realities of life itself. They have shown him that we need to put a great deal more time and effort into our own individual lives if we truly want to grow and evolve. That only by working together to better our lives can we gain the tools and understanding needed to help others do the same. Most importantly of all, Devon has come to realize that “change” and “the unknown” don’t have to be as difficult, complicated, or “scary” as we have been led to believe.

Isn't it time you worked to learn what those secrets mean within your own life? Don’t you feel that it’s time to become everything you are capable of? Haven’t you always wanted to unlock the potential that has been hidden within you? Devon’s wisdom, knowledge, skills, and abilities can help you do just that… if you are willing to put in the time and effort needed to explore the reality of your own life. Something Devon has already done in his life and is willing to help you do in yours!


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